Heating and homing tests using an iPad.

Heating and homing tests using an iPad. I let the magic smoke out of ext1 during a rewire, so this isn’t quite a stock install anymore. :slight_smile:

My dog Cato (sporting a full-body Mohawk) makes a cameo at the end. :slight_smile:

Haha! Great! Love it! If you send me your rostock max config file, I can include it in the debian package and you can simply use local.cfg to override the extruder PWM channel. That is the purpose of the local file, local quirks :slight_smile:

That was my intention! I was lazy though and only changed my main config, so let me separate out my “tweaks” so that the rostock_max.cfg is clean. I’ll email it to you as soon as I get the bugs ironed out.

Those steppers sound a lot different than the one I’m using!

Sorry about the magic smoke. Hot-air SMD rework stations are cheap on ebay! :smiley:

Is the tablet in the video wifi’d into redeem or is it hooked up direct (wired)?

The tablet is just an iPad. It’s not running anything special, just OctoPrint thru the web interface using wifi. I could have done the same with my phone! (but it would have been much harder to see! )