Headphone hanger (Friday Night Make)

Earlier I was getting my Friday night drink on and started thinking what can I make tonight? :thinking_face:

Settled on trying to make a hanger for my wireless headphones. Had been using a small spring clamp that is clamped to some rolling wire shelves. Works ok, but I wanted something a bit more secure.

After a bit of design time I ended up with something I thought would work.

Warmed up the printer started the print. How good was I going to be with my first pass design? :tumbler_glass:

Well 3D printing wizard Gandalf had his staff all ready to tell me my first pass design iteration “Shall Not Pass!”


Then he was like “Well it’s Oookkkay, so you can pass” :laughing:

Turned out just fine and works as intended. :tada: Used some hex cap M3 screws to clamp it in place.


Glad to see you hang in there on printing the bracket. You are the wizard! :magic_wand:

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Nicely done.

When I do something like this my son (also an engineer) sends me this kind of link:

“So dad why are you reinventing the wheel?”

God that is annoying!
I do it cause I can!