Head alignment and double line

I have had issues last night with double line while cutting. After looking around i found some information about possibly been the light reflected by a scratch in the lens (lens has a little chip on the edge but centre is clear. I have a new lens and better mirrors in the post just in case)

Or maybe light from second mirror hitting the inside of the head.

So i have removed the lens, and done some firing tests
Beam enters the head, pretty close to the centre, but exits really close to the edge…
The same exit spot happens close and father away from the 2nd mirror.

Thought maybe the head is not perpendicular so I’ve tried to shim the head by putting some washers under the plate on one side, but it doesn’t seems to help.

Any other ideas?


You can try shimming the mirror in the holder with some small piece of tape blue tape. Better lasers have adjustable mirrors on the laser head, but unfortunately the K40 does not.

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You could try to turn your laserhead with mirror 3 a little bit to the left or right.

Thanks for the advice.

So I checked the mounting plate and it seemed to be bent. Bent it upwards, and it look like it worked a bit. I have also tried to put some tape under the head, since it seems to be bent in the other direction as well…but now the head feels loose. Might be moving during use?

Any chance that something else is also out of level?

When I first put the new tube, it seemed to be working better… for a bit
I feel like I have been going back an forth trying to align it… If it’s close the middle on the 3rd mirror, close to the 2nd, then it’s well out when it’s father away from it

Is it even possible to align the laser across the all table?

Apologies for the ranting, but it’s frustrating