Hé guys, I have diy made cnc machine with the tinyg v8,

Hé guys, I have diy made cnc machine with the tinyg v8, but I have a problem.

When I automaticly Let chilipeppr home the machine, it puts the machine in correct position and backs off correct, but chilipeppr thinks it is right in the middle, so for example when I whant to print something, it touches the limit switches and stops. How can I let the machine automaticly position the bit in the correct position as it is shown in the 3d viewer.

What is your G54 work coordinate system set to? I set mine to 0,0,0 so that it mimics machine coordinates (G53). Turn on machine coords in the axes widget to see if you have a G54 offset.

I want to set my X-axis and Z-axis to 0, but tried to put Y-axis to 0, but is automaticly sets it back to -2,117,
btw, I am 15 years old so don’t go to fast please ; )

btw, You have very help full videos on your channel! Thank you for that.

Okay this is what I got.

I let chilipeppr home the position. its now in the top left corner to the back. This is now the 0,0,0 position. In the 3d viewer its in the middle of the chilipepper example file.
This is now also the g54 zero point. What is it excacly? I now it has something to do with the coordinates, it a type of profile?

Are you trying the Chilipeppr logo, where (0,0) coordinates are placed in the middle of the logo, so the machine will go to all 4 possible quarters of the coordinate system during the job? This is a common problem to understand for newcomers, as it is easier to understand just one quarter e.g. (0,0) in the bottom left corner.

You may jog machine manually by a predefined distance like G0 X50Y50 (assuming 50mm is safe enough distance in this example) and after that set G53 machine zero by G28.3 X0Y0.

Once you make some test machine moves ‘in the air’ with no tool installed in the spindle, you will understand the way it goes.

Set your feed speeds slow and keep your thumb on E-STOP, in case you need to stop immediately.

Thanks @sszafran ​, I already got it working, it was ecxactly as you said, I imported the svg example in and positioned it correctly and homed it to 0,0,0 (as @jlauer ​ said) and it worked perfectly. I have some questions tho;

  1. How do you mil in layers for example, if you want to mil in thicker aluminum(mabye some tutorials)

  2. Best way to make svg files

  3. How do you set thickness of material (you can set the deepness, but that is set as -1 but if i go deeper it will touch the limit switch)

  4. My DC motor frequency interfears with the controller, so if I want to set the speed(with potentiometer to a certain speed). The board blinks red and everything stops.

  5. What about that layers like G54(work, machine, temporary)

Thanks for the help guys👍

To Mill in layers use fusion 360 to create your gcode. I have a YouTube video on that

Thanks, I Will definetly check that out👍