HB04 Pendant

Hello there !
I have read the docs on the Smoothieware web site and I still need help.

About HB04 pendant, it’s not clear for me if any model of HB04 could work with smoopi, because I saw a lot of “variants” of this model in aliexpress (multiple models contains the ‘HB04’ word including another prefix or suffix).

I want to enable this pendant, but I have some doubts related with the pendant model. So, I want to know if the model that can be seen in the picture is ‘only’ the model that can work without issues, and if it’s possible to use a different pendant model that can handle up to 6 axes…

By the other side, may be will be required to enable the second serial property on config file to be possible to use this pendant…

I will really appreciate any info related with this. Thanks in advance !

Sorry. I found the readme related with the pendants that can be seen here,

My question was clarified. Thanks in advance !