Having trouble jogging in Chillipeppr,

Having trouble jogging in Chillipeppr, I just got my OX working and ran the standard Chilipeppr logo successfully. However when I try to Jog I get nothing? I’m operating with TinyG. Anyone have an idea what could be wrong?

Hmm, can you post some video to help us?

Sure can, I can do it this afternoon hopefully. You can go to the OX community on Google+ and see a video running the Chillipeppr logo. I’ll make a video of the Jog issue as well, thanks for the help!

John sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. I’m such a doh doh I didn’t realize that the jog increments were set so small I couldn’t even see it move. Once I increased the increment to 0.10 vs 0.001 I could actually start to Jog. Sorry this is obviously a sign of my unfamiliarity with Chillipeppr and CNC in general. Thanks for reaching out to help.