Having some issues with LW4.

Having some issues with LW4. Seems to not render stuff properly for me (OS X/Chrome 56.0.2924.87 (64-bit)) My a couple of the letters are invisible…I can still operate on them but they definitely don’t render properly. Font converted to path - converted to poly line. Operations seem to work ok…but I also cannot get this to raster the “fill” (that one I’m not sure if it’s pilot error or not).

And if this is the wrong form let me know. I can also open a ticket on on github.

Recently I had a similar issue but i re did the path ( original was not closed )

close or closed? I understand the later and checked and every corner node is joined on the "T"s. I don’t think that inkscape would fill an open path either.

I just changed the fill and it recognizes the new closed filled shape but still doesn’t render it. The operations tab sees the new fill color.

Tested windows and mac - same thing.

@Michael_Audette ​ fixed the typo. (Hate you autocorrect ). I just wanted to give you some light on what happened to me. Your explanation is totally correct.

When open a issue related with a file, please attach the file, the and a snapshot of the workspace (CAM tab -> top ->workspace Save) @Todd_Fleming this is beyond my skills, could you take a look?

Filed testcase. Odd thing is all the operations seem to work as expected…purely a render issue.