Having some "interesting" problems with some WS2811 based strip (ray-wu again,

Having some “interesting” problems with some WS2811 based strip (ray-wu again, but the 5050 smd RGB leds with the chip have 4 leads on them instead of 6 like the last order). Anyway, calls to LEDS.showColor fail to write past the 8th LED or so on the strip, but if I do a for loop and set each value with leds[x]=myCRGBColorVariable, then all is well. Does the LEDS.setDataRate(x) call do anything with the 2811, or just the SPI chips? Did I just get crappy LED strip?

You know, I just had this the other night.
I suspect that when we get the WS2812B timing ironed out this will go away-- but thank you this problem will make a good test case for the new code.

I’d be happy to ship you a length of this strip if it would help. I’ve got 16 meters worth at the moment, so no big deal.

PS: I hope you had a good burn!

I’ve got a few dozen rolls of them :slight_smile: Though i’ve been doing a lot of my work with ARM chipsets lately, not AVRs. I’m completely re-writing the code for AVR clockline-less chips, since I think there’s a bit too much slop in the existing code.

(Also - setDataRate doesn’t exist in the new library anymore, but when it did, it only ever applied to SPI based chipsets - since those have a data rate, chipsets that don’t have a clock line, like the WS2811, have a fixed data rate - 800khz - and they’re fairly rigid about that).

That’s what I thought w\ set data rate. Thank you again for your tireless work so that people everywhere can have their stuff blinking to their liking.