Having a little trouble installing my new Ubis 13.

(Adam Steinmark) #1

Having a little trouble installing my new Ubis 13. The step says to pull the red wire out of the molex connector but I don’t know which is the molex. Please provide a labeled picture of where to find the molex connector if possible. See the instruction guide here: http://help.printrbot.com/Guide/Metal+Ubis+Hot+End+without+the+Fan+Power+PCB/178

(Evan Nguyen) #2

Molex is the white rectangular plastic connector as seen in step 3 and 4. In this case it’s the white female connector.

(Adam Steinmark) #3

No the four pin molex. I think I found it on the printrboard (step 5 picture) but I’m not sure which red cable goes which slot. Does the red fan cable replace the hotend cable then the original hotend cable goes next to the black cable?

(Evan Nguyen) #4

The red wire that you pulled out from the fan extension cable goes into the slot next to the black wire of the hotend power connector. It’s the 2nd and 3rd picture from step 5.

(Adam Steinmark) #5

Okay I think I’ve got it. Thanks a bunch.

(Alex Bolderoff) #6

Many would agree, but MOLEX is only the brand. sure they have connectors, but lot’s of other products too. It’s like saying ‘Pass me the Kleenex’ , sure you might mean tissues, but Kleenex also make a whole lot more products, (toilet paper, wet wipes, etc) So I’d like to know what the official name for it is, I’d just call them 0.1"(2.54mm) connectors. I know Dupont makes them, and i know Molex makes them, so whether it’s correct to call them either Dupont connectors, or Molex connectors, i’ll leave that to the jury.

(Adam Steinmark) #7

@Alex_Bolderoff ​ I came to roughly the same conclusion after a quick “molex connector” Google Search. But that’s what it’s called on the instructional page so I thought that’s what I’d post. I got it all hooked up. I just have to test to make sure it works then begin the tedious process of rewrapping the cable wrap. I figure I’ll do that tomorrow because it’s almost 4am here at the time I’m posting this and its probably not the best to play with heat and wires when I’m tired.