Having a little struggle with my extruder that refuses to extruded consistently.

Having a little struggle with my extruder that refuses to extruded consistently. Used for a long time a traditional geared hobbed bolt, but this one is extruding unreliable. Used for a while a gunstruder (belt driven) http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1247952, which extrudes far more constant but the inner belt is running of the idlers after a while. So my question is what are you using as extruder and would you recommend it?

E3D Titan. It just works. https://store.timeshell.ca/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=85&tracking=581511f96e7a7

I also use the Titan. You should look at bondtech too. Rather get one of these commercial extruders. They will save you some frustration. Titan has reliable grip and is ‘self cleaning’ it’s also small and light… others here will tel you that the bondtech has unbelievable grip. I wouldn’t mind having one of those myself.

Bond tech is leaps and bounds better than the titan. I have both and the bond tech just…works

It will do every job j have put at it and still wants more.

IMO e3d us just junk for extruder. …hotends aren’t bad tho

For extruders… nothing beats a Bondtech by @Martin_Bondeus ​ . IMHO.

I’ll give my +1 to the Titan by E3D. For the price its dynamite. Not to take anything away from Bondtech, I’ve never used one but the Titan has never come up short for me yet.

for cheapest extruder that is still dependable I humbly submit the Wade’s gear :wink:

I’ve still got a wades around for emergencies! I remember giving it herringbone gears as an upgrade too! Haha.

Oh. Also another extruder that is just as good as the bond tech if you need the extruder on carriage for those tough filaments like flexible…

The Flex3drive is fantastic! made by @Mutley3D ​ he also has a wonderful printing surface called print bite that performs extremely well

Thinking more about it- the direct-drive hot ends from China are like $25- I bought this one https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1-75MM-Upgrade-MK8-Extruder-Nozzle-Latest-Print-Head-for-3D-Printer-Makerbot-Prusa-i3-with/32563869751.html, made an attachment to a rep rap Mendel for it, and it works- I have yet to try flexible filament with it yet- but as a direct drive hot end- it probably can. Just amazing how cheap it is- but yet functional.

@Ted_Huntington my steel prusa came with one of those. I gutted their hotend and printed an adapter for an E3Dv6 on the end of that, and replaced the stepper motor on it, but the core is ok.

@raykholo I have only used it for maybe 5-10 prints and then at 40mm/s but so far no serious problems with it.

Anyone using the Titan or Bondtech as a direct drive on the Herculien? If not, anyone tried flexible materials using the bowden setup?

@Luis_Pacheco ​ flexible in Bondtech Bowden is good in 3mm filament… But in 1.75 it’s only doable with TPU and slow (harder shore d hardness value than something like Ninjaflex).

Pics below are Bondtech with sainsmart TPU on the Talos Tria Delta.



@Eclsnowman ​ Those prints look great. Any idea how good a configuration like that would work in the HercuLien? Might have to do a dual extruder setup with a 1.75 and a 3 hot end.

I have a side question: does a direct drive variant for the Hercu design exist yet?

@Luis_Pacheco ​ HercuLien has a longer Bowden tube… By quite a bit. My guess is, it won’t work as well on 1.75 due to the length.

But there is always the @Walter_Hsiao ​​ flying extruder which uses a Bondtech.

Also I made this year’s ago. Don’t think it’s ever been tested: https://plus.google.com/+EricLiensMind/posts/Y4V8sHcjmgu

Interesting, I’ll have a look at that design.

Worst case scenario I’ll build the HL for nonflexible filaments and repurpose my old, currently nonworking small printer for flexible.

@Luis_Pacheco That’s what I tend to do. Small direct drive Talos Spartan for flexibles. Larger machine for the big stuff.