Having a few problems with a design I did in fusion 360.

Having a few problems with a design I did in fusion 360. Wondering if anyone could at least point me in the right direction. Seems to be a bug to me, but might be my lack of knowledge.

When I import the gcode into the tinyg workspace it messes up the channel that I have created. The tool path jumps all over the place. Other applications/workspaces seem fine.

Have you run an air job to see if it runs ok? I’m guessing this has to do with G2/G3 arcs (light blue lines in CP) and those can be finicky but if the 3d viewer is off, TinyG may still interpret it correctly so run a test air job.

@Blake_Dunn Make sure you choose the tinyg post processor before exporting. i just tried it and seems fine

Unchecking “Smoothing” in the tool path setup tabs will probably also avoid this issue with the CP 3D viewer.

Thanks all, I was about to do a mock run (air run proper term for this?) and see the outcome. I will get back to you with results. Again, thanks all!

Again, thanks all, it works great!

Works in what way? Turning off “smoothing”, choosing the tinyg post processor, or an air run works (only display is incorrect)?
Cool, I’m happy to hear we can go from Fusion 360 to CP as that’s my future workflow path.

Oops, meant to reply that question to @Blake_Dunn ​​.