Have you used MakePrintable for repairing STLs?

Have you used MakePrintable for repairing STLs? I just tried again netfabb and am getting redirected to the 3dtools website where, in the About section, it actually mentions that they are converting any 3d uploaded file to 3mf so i ditched that from my tools arsenal. Trying now MakePrintable, so far liking the interface.

This came up a few months ago, there’s two Netfabb sites. At least at the time, the other one still output to STLs.

I haven’t tried MakePrintable in a few months.

Yes but at the time the https://netfabb.azurewebsites.net/ wasn’t forcefully redirecting to https://tools3d.azurewebsites.net/ . Nowadays, they do so unless I am offered an option to download the STL it’s not usable to me.

And so far the MakePrintable failed to repair my large STL … trying it again…

It’s a shame what has happened to the netfabb cloud service. Now I’m using meshlab, blender and other tools to repair stl

Yes it was the most capable I have used… I have lots of objects that are made of several other objects and when I export the STL slicers still see the pieces as individual objects and it gets very difficult to mirror and so on … netfabb solved that like a breeze. MakePrintable does a poor job with my STLs unfortunately. I have reverted back to Meshmixer from Autodesk but it doesn’t glue the touching objects either…

I have found makeprintable will skew the dimensions on some of the repaired models, adding extra width or such, making fitting parts together difficult or impossible.