have you tried repairing STL files before?

have you tried repairing STL files before?

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Ever repaired stl files with netfabb studio?

Yes, Netfabb works great to do that.
Also useful for quickly reorienting (part hovers in air or doesn’t have the bottom side at the bottom) or inch->metric conversion.
Never tried the non-free version or Netfabb Engine as a multi-material/color slicer.

Repairing almost all downloaded parts first, Cura is doing my resetting

yeah i repair everything just incase.

Yup downloaded things always seem to have some kind of a problem. The parts I make in 123D seem to come out fine without repairs, not sure if that’s technique or something with 123D. :wink:

Any STL out of a CSG CAD program should be impossible to be non - manifold.

Mostly when we work with CAD programs, they tend to throw a bunch of errors at you along the way to keep the object printable. This is less so for animation focused software (eg: Blender) where as long as the model shows up on the screen, its a-ok, though it may be unprintable.

The reason we faced this issue this time round was due to the fact that we had parametrically created this model in Processing using a library which exported to STL. Unfortunately for us, some triangles were flipped, and it took us some time to figure out how to fix it. But we did, so here’s sharing it so that it may be useful information for anyone else going through the same problems :stuck_out_tongue:

So…did you fix the parametric processing code or the STL-library you used to create it in Procesising to not allow broken models to be exported?

the processing library has a function that allows you to save the model into a STL file. typically, such STL files might have holes or flipped triangles. what we did was to fix the STL files that was generated by processing using netfabb.

So processing’s internal data model is broken in that it is allows to be in an inconsistent state.

Well we do not actually think its a problem with processing itself. It could be more of a problem with library that is use to save the stl? because when the model was opened in netfabb, there’s actually a fair bit of “stray” triangle meshes that were in the middle of the model.