Have you tried printing with clear filaments? How did it go?

Have you tried printing with clear filaments? How did it go?

Here’s our guide to printing clear filaments, more clearly. Let us know your thoughts!

OK, interesting, and I’ve been hearing good things about the filament, but the Rigid Ink web site just annoyed the crap out of me. First, it wants to know my location. Then it pops stuff up to pester me. Lastly, when I go to leave the page, it pops up another thing to nag me about getting a sample. I’m going to have to hear a lot more good about the filament to get over the bad experience on the site.

Sorry to hear that @Dale_Dunn ​ - sounds something isn’t working right there. Thanks for the feedback, we’ll get this looked into. Hope you get round to trying our filament at some point.

Can we send you a sample (no catch) to make it up to you?

Thanks, but no. If your product proves its value in the market, I may come around. But the feeling of overly aggressive marketing from the web page is really putting me off. I feel like you’re trying to work the people in the market, rather than work with them. At this point, the offer of a free sample feels like trying to buy my good will, and it’s having the opposite effect. And that’s really a shame, because your filament has had a good showing in the Filaween testing, and a helpful article about how to get the best out of clear filament adds value to that product. One visit to the site made me want to hold all of that at arm’s length. I’ll try again, someday.

That’s definately not the impression we want to give off - so I apologise.

We’re trying to work with, hence the articles. If there’s anything I do to help change your mind, just let me know. In the meantime - best of luck printing with clear filament! Ed