Have you heard of "metal" filaments? Similar to metal clay,

Have you heard of “metal” filaments? Similar to metal clay, the filament is embedded with metal. So while it can be printed like any normal filament, when you sinter it in a kiln, the binder burns away leaving only (slightly smaller) metal in the shape of your 3D object.

I don’t know the adhesion properties of this PMC, but I assume they aren’t good. You might be able to get away with adding some adherant to the mixture (and burn it out of your extruder later) to make each layer bond nicely with the one below it. I agree that it seems like any “paste” extrusion would have too-large a resolution for fine jewelry… but I don’t necessarily want jewelry. It would still be useful to create metal parts even at larger resolutions.

PMC’s similar to clay, in working properties.

I wonder whether anyone has extruded clay (even normal modeling clay) with a paste extruder as @Sanjay_Mortimer suggested. There must be some applications where clay is more suitable than plastic. While I’m on the topic of different printing materials, wax would make a pretty kick-ass material to use in combination with investment casting.

I was thinking about wax the other day, I am not sure if most waxes be useable a filament. that would make things complex, maybe one could use a heated syringe, but the there will be some difficulty.

I think I’ve seen a wax printing head; if I remember correctly it had an augur-type nozzle, as with chocolate 3d printers.

not much info on the printer setup, but it is printing with ceramic clay.

I am going to pick up some of this clay, just to see how workable it is. I think it will be too expensive to justify printing with. But printing molds and then casting would be useful, it may even be a way to get rid of some of the “vitimans” in the rep rap project.

There are a couple of open source solutions for clay extruders, the problem is that there is always waist, at 4 to 5 USD a gram I can’t afford waist. Also the ceramic is not the same as this clay. The clay is really really thick, the ceramic is made to your liking.

Jim Bredt is apparently working on ceramics printing. Forget his company name, starts with V.