Have you experimented with Richard Horne 's Masterspool yet?

Have you experimented with @Richard_Horne 's Masterspool yet? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aeJo-kKBtLk

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On my list for this week. I like the minimal version spool from das Filament.

Once reliable spool-less filament is affordable out here on the Canadian prairies, and as long as 3DHubs doesn’t completely cap me at the knees, it’s a very cool idea!

Can’t wait for this to become an actual standard. Though I do have 70+ spools sitting in my room so printing master spools might be a bit of a challenge for me.

What if I don’t have a printer with the build volume or the reliability to print one? Also it seems annoying to have to basically print a new spool for each colour you buy (if you remove them from the master spool itll more than likely just come undone). I feel a better solution to the logistics issue is to just make cardboard spools instead.

@_Spice Apparently cardboard spools produce a significant amount of dust over time because spool holder slowly grinds away at it. I have no firsthand experience with it though I just did a bit of research to figure out why cardboard spools aren’t more common currently.

Your point about build volume is definitely important as we’re seeing more and more sub $500 entry level printers. RichRap did mention that filament manufactures that adopt this would also need to be able to sell the Masterspools. This will certainly increase costs costs though. Not just for those with smaller printers; a full spool takes ~12 hours and ~200g to print.

Something for manufactures to consider would simply be giving discounts for returning spools. Or to start shipping filament on Masterspools with an option to select no spool for a discount.

@Adam_Steinmark I would hope if filament manufacturers do sell masterspools that they would have the decensy to get a factory to do injection molds of them instead of printing a tonne, especially since, like you said, its a 12 hour print per side, thus printing them would just drive the price of one up significantly.

@_Spice 12 hours total. 7.5 hours for part A and 4.5 hours for part B. That’s at 50 mm/s and 0.3 mm layer height.

@Adam_Steinmark Ah, I was thinking we were going by Tom’s video, where each half took him about 13 hours.

Cardboard spools do have a metal center, at least the ones I’ve seen. But yeah they can turn dusty.

With a 0.8mm Volcano nozzle part A prints in 1.5 hours. If you remove the decorative elements this could be pushed further. I’ve never understood why people want to print that slow for functional prints.

@MidnightVisions what brand? With Formfutura and Proto-pasta spools whether it slides along the inside of the spool or the outside it only contacts cardboard. The Formfutura is a bit better because it uses thicker non-corrugated cardboard.

One spool to rule them all! I’m in, if it is cheaper and we the consumers don’t get shafted.

Instead of printing the whole spool - how about just an adapter for the hub. Cut an old spool in half, insert the adapter, profit!

@Shawn_Mammon could you explain a bit more? I’m interested but not fully following.

@Adam_Steinmark I found that out using 3mm filaments from my first 3d printer, an ecksbot.

as somebody with a single printer at the moment, and a rather large assortment of filaments, i would be spending all my time printing spools rather than using my printer. i think the downside is too large for this idea. It’s just not viable if you have to spend 200g from a spool, just to use another coil.

I think what we should be focusing on, is a better designed spool holder. Proto-Pasta uses cardboard, which i think is a great middle ground.

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@Adam_Steinmark Somebody already designed exactly what I was thinking…