Have you ever tried to make PCB's with the OX? If yes,

Have you ever tried to make PCB’s with the OX?

If yes, how did it went?


I think making PCBs in OX is not possible because the belts have no reduction therefore losing accuracy

So you’re saying the Ox has less accuracy than, say, the Shapeoko 2 (which I KNOW people use for this) … that would be distressing.
@Ricardo_Rodrigues I think the real answer is it depends on the PCB design. Given the size of the bit and its path you are a bit limited in board complexity, but I know I’ve seen several posts of people doing this, even 2-sided.

@Kevin_Hauser I was working on aluminum plate 2 mm thickness to engrave some words (3.5mm by word ) and i could see, every motor step was engraving on the plate (a visual inspection).

May be a have a spindle mount trouble.

@Edgar_Robles_Najar I think that is not to be expected. I would guess that you have one or more issues, such as incorrect configuration/settings … perhaps you have not configured microstepping correctly (or at all). How big was the words? 3.5mm is tiny, I would need a magnifying glass to even inspect for that.