Have you checked out ChiliPeppr Hardware Fiddle yet as a way to control and


Have you checked out ChiliPeppr Hardware Fiddle yet as a way to control and send Gcode to your DIY CNC? And best of all, to then extend ChiliPeppr to your specific needs?

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At first I didn’t have a very good impression reading the title. There is already grblweb https://github.com/andrewhodel/grblweb . But the video really got me reeled in. I love it! It has a lot of features. It has a good native backend (even one that runs on Rpi) and it allows feature extension via widgets.

What is your plan going with this project? i.e. eventually make it into a freemium service? Putting up the source on github?

Also, I assume this would only work with tinyg and not just any grbl chip, e.g. grblshield.


This will work with Grbl if somebody will fork the Tinyg Widget and change the specific TinyG params to Grbl params, then fork the Workspace. This is free. The code is all up on the Internet as JSFiddle’s, which I believe is an even better model than Github for people making quick/easy changes and extending.

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Certainly. Having it in jsfiddle is fantastic. I will look into extending this to work with grblshield. I also want to add Webcam support to viewing the machine. Would you recommend talking to another socket running on the machine?


Webcam support is in there now. It uses webrtc. The widget is on the right side above the serial port widget. If you could extend to grblshield that would be awesome.

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Whoa, that’s fantastic. I will look into extending for grblshield support. :slight_smile:


What would be cool is if somebody looked at the WebRtc widget and figured out how to do timelapse off of it. Probably wouldn’t be hard. The fact that it’s in JSFiddle already makes playing with it a dream.