Have been testing the HIPS filament by Trideus BVBA .

(3Dprintingforbeginners.com) #1

Have been testing the HIPS filament by @Trideus_BVBA . The filament is great but cracks easily as can be seen on the hull of the @3DBenchy

215°C extruder / 60°C bed
0.2mm layer height
10% infill
60mm/s infill
40mm/s inner perimeters
30mm/s outer perimeters

(ThantiK) #2

HIPS isn’t really good as a primary printing material. It’s OK for a limonene-removable support material, but otherwise it’s really not a substitute for ABS.

(Derek Schuetz) #3

I think your later adhesion is more your not printing hot enough and not so much the HIPS

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@ThantiK I knew that, however this material has such a nice matte surface finish that I couldn’t resist trying to print a complete model :wink:

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@Derek_Schuetz Thanks for the tip, I’ll increase the temperature on the next print.

(Gianmario Scotti (Mario)) #6

You have poor inter-layer cohesion due to too low hotend temperature.

BTW @ThantiK , HIPS and ABS are not that dissimilar. Both are graft co-polymers with styrene and butadiene, except ABS has also acrylonitrile. HIPS has relatively high impact strength, somewhat close to ABS. And… ABS will partially dissolve in limonene, too.

(Jesse Buteneers) #7

Hi, we print our HIPS around 250°C on an UM2. This gives perfect results!

(3Dprintingforbeginners.com) #8

@Jesse_Buteneers Thanks for the tip, I’ll re-run the print with 250°C next time!