Has anyone worked with the SJ1211 strips?

(James Minihane) #1

Has anyone worked with the SJ1211 strips?
I can only find info on them on alibaba (not even eBay or aliexpress)
They are a 12V powered 5050 LED like the WS2812 except run on 12V.
From what I can find, they’ve got 3 each Red Green and Blue dies.
Appears to be a WS2811 with 3 series LEDs per color.
They say 18-20lm/LED, WS2812s calculate out to be @5lm/ea

(James Minihane) #2

Seems that 18-20lm might have been quoted for the strip. I can’t make heads or tales. They look a lot like the WS2815 spec-wise, but the chip shows each of the led dies. Can’t make them out on the Ws2815s.

(James Minihane) #3

OK. The more I dig the more I find.
WS2812 60/m = 18w/m
WS2815 60/m = 43w/m
SJ1211 60/m = 24w/m

I’ve got some requests out and will be ordering some of each of the WS2815s and the SJ1211s.

We’ll see. If anyone has any input, I’d appreciate it.

(Jeremy Spencer) #4

I’m very interested in these, looking forward to hearing how you get on with them

(James Minihane) #5

I find out that the SJ1211 is now the SJ1221 and does the dual signal thing like the WS2815. I’m exchanging email with China now. So much fun.

(Brian Lewis) #6

Looks like this is the manufacturer. I can’t find any data sheets on their website though. http://www.shiji-led.com/product/index/cid/470.html

(James Minihane) #7

I’ve got samples coming of the SJ1221 and CS8812. They’re both allegedly WS2815 type clones. When I get them I’ll be doing some A/B testing next to WS2812s and doing some current measurements.

(James Minihane) #8

I’m trying to get actual WS2815s too. Everyone seems to want to substitute a different type.

(James Minihane) #9

Just received the SJ1211. SJ1221, & SK6812 (RGBW).
Attached is a closeup of the SJ1221 (appears similar to the SJ1211) You can see multiple dies for each color. I’ll try to set them up for testing soon. Allegedly run on the WS2811 protocol.
missing/deleted image from Google+

(Brian Lewis) #10

Am I seeing things or does it looks like there are 6 diodes with possibly 3 of them being red? I’m really curious how bright these are and what their current draw will be.

(James Minihane) #11

The data sheet specifies 3 red, 3 green, and 3 blue. I’m going to be doing some side-by-side brightness comparison with the WS2812 and doing current measurements

(Netsplite) #12

@James_Minihane So these are the same as the WS2815 from Alibaba?
Did you manage to get it working with FastLED and if so could you share the sketch.

(James Minihane) #13

They’re 12V like the WS2815, but they appear to have 3 dies of each color. I’m hoping to test this weekend.

(James Minihane) #14

If these suckers are as bright as I hope they are. I’m buying a bunch of it.

(Netsplite) #15

Awesome, let me know how it goes as I want to use them for primary room lighting (panels in ceiling) and drive them with Wemos D1 Mini Pro’s.

Already have that working with WS2811 12V but they aren’t bright enough for indoor lighting especially when add them in a led profile with diffuser.
If the SJ1221 specs are right it should output ~10W more than those at least.

(James Minihane) #16

I was able to get some testing time in this weekend. The strip runs fine on 12V. Comes on full white until the controller sends data to either turn it off or change color. It responds using the WS2812 strip type in FastLED with GRB color order. I was trying to get some WS2812’s in a side by side comparison. But I could not for the life of me get a Pro Mini to drive the WS2812s. Pulling my hair out. The SJ1211 responds just fine. But I’ve written simple code for the WS2812s before. Maddening. I’ll have another crack at it again this weekend. But damn it looks bright. It does indeed have 3 dies for each color.

(Netsplite) #17

Good to hear :smiley: , so SJ1221 is basically the same and from which Alibaba store did you order them?

(James Minihane) #18

I ordered samples from Shiji-led.com. If I can work out what the hell is wrong with my testing set up and confirm some things. Current, etc. I’m going to order like 50m.

(James Minihane) #19

I have some numbers. WOW these things are bright.
They turn on White when powered up.
I have a test string of 20.
On powerup - 488 mA
brightness mA/20 LEDs
16 105
32 160
64 271
128 495
255 955
The copper strip seems to be thicker than other WS2812 etc strips I have.
But on full brightness they get warm after about 30 seconds. I don’t have thermal measurements. But if you need MAX brightness, I’d suggest sticking these to some aluminum channel.
I’ve got video of them next to WS2812s on brightness=16. I’ll try uploading.
I’m going to get a quote on 50-100M of these.
Did I mention… Holy CRAP these are bright. They easily outclass the 5V strip

(James Minihane) #20

missing/deleted image from Google+