Has anyone used this NinjaFlex material yet?

Has anyone used this NinjaFlex material yet? I have a @MakerBot1 Replicator and would love to try this out… but I do not want to risk hurting my stuff unless I know it works.

Scroll down the page, plenty of people have posted on it. (Look for the blue octopus and the cat-shaped rubber-band things.)

Pretty sure the replicator can use it just fine.

Thanks @ThantiK ! That octopus was perfect. Looks like no one has used it with the Replicator yet… So I may just have to take the risk and share my experience.

Replicator isn’t a bowden tube setup is it?

@ThantiK I don’t know about the replicator, but I have heard of bowden tube setups on cartesian printers before.