Has anyone used printed t-slot corner brackets?

Has anyone used printed t-slot corner brackets? Or know of a beefier printed corner for the extrusion?

I want to convert my MendelMax to a Eustathios-style printer as cheaply as possible. I know I’ll need some more GT2 and 6 pulleys but that should be about it. I might try printed pulleys and see if they are as bad as I think they might be.

I plan to use printed sliders (possibly with bearings) running on extrusion for the Z rather than buying more smooth rod.

I’ve been designing some parts that could serve as a base for printed slider on extrusion. I was thinking of using this approach myself but ended up using v wheel. The stepper motor support for my quadrap are printed and quite beefy. Check it out here if you want:

@Michael_Memeteau thanks I’ll check that out!