Has Anyone Used AI for Creating Models for 3D Printing?

I recently saw a YouTube video where someone used Meshy to create a 3D model and then printed it. Has anyone here used this software before? It looks really convenient and I’m curious about your experiences with it.

All the full 3d AI generators are still pretty rough. Though I’ve only played with a couple free ones.

I’ve been experimenting with AI for cnc pattern and 3d print model creation. They can be usable in creating a rough base mesh to further refine in a 3d modeling software.

The height generators are currently much more mature (I am personally using marigold) and you can create wonderful patterns and models. I just 3d printed the model on the left.

AI generated 3d models created using AI height generator and then refined in 3d modeling software:

The one on the left is Standard Diffusion XL and the right is Juggernaut XL.