Has anyone tried running the json server on a Raspberry Pi?

Has anyone tried running the json server on a Raspberry Pi? There seems to have been no report on such usage so far.

Yes that’s the way @Jarret_Luft runs his stuff.

That’s why he added turning verbose output off on spjs because it was dragging down the raspberry pi.

I am getting tired of turning off and on the computer plus lacking the ability to control the relay on/off the laser cutter. Now that my desktop needs a new HDD, I am thinking of buying a RPi instead.

Sounds like what I am planning for my rpi as well. Hopefully now that rpi+ is around, I can get the rpi for cheap.

I am using it on a pi, it runs like a dream.

I had a few issues at first but it turned out to be the usb extender cable I was using, so I relocated the pi to be in the same box as the tiny-g with a 30cm cable and now it works great. Also, if I hit a limit switch, the TinyG resets and I find I have to reload the json server.

Biggest job I have sent it is about 9000 lines of G-Code with 6 or 7 tool changes. Lots of drilling, milling, chamfering etc. Didn’t fault once.

I assumed everyone else was using them as well. I have a couple of spare piface boards and I am investigating using them to control other things like coolant pump/mode. At the moment one buttons on the piface kills the json server and one button launches it.

I love hearing that it’s working well for you! Will have to investigate the resetting of the TinyG stuff. I have not tested hitting a limit switch.

Would love to see a video of some of the jobs you’re running and your setup. I think it would help others understand what a good model ChiliPeppr and Serial Port JSON Server are. This model is kind of a first for the CNC industry and I think it’s a game changer.

I should be able to accommodate that, I am doing a rebuild on my z axis this weekend ( I find it to difficult tramming it at the moment.) But when I am done I will do a video up.

Can I just say, the biggest game changer is being able to hover over g-code and see a description of what it means, that is awesome.

I’m glad you appreciate the hovers. I wanted those badly as when I was new to the CNC game I had no idea what each Gcode item meant.

Hover is good. But go to this gocde location = awesome for resuming bad cuts. Actually, I love everything. :slight_smile:

My favorite 2 features I never had in other apps I’m using a lot. 1) The zeroing out of the Z on PCB’s using an alligator clip by using the “Test Probe” run in Auto-Level. 2) Using the Motors Energize / De-Energize button in the TinyG widget to do a tool change without losing my axis position.

Alligator clip method?

Yup. You connect 2 wires to TinyG’s Z Min port and put alligator clip on the endmill. Then push a wire against your PCB. Hit “Run Test Probe” and it lowers the Z to the exact spot the circuit connects. You are at a perfect Z zero.

I see. That’s awesome.