Has anyone tried or heard of the "Creator Software" listed for sale on makergear's

Has anyone tried or heard of the “Creator Software” listed for sale on makergear’s website? Is it cad software or a slicer?

Seems like a new slicer. If they are charging for it, it is probably not an open source remix. Maybe it is a modified version of kisslicer or netfabb.

Turns out it’s a plater/slicer, like you said, @Steve_Kelly1 . It’ll be interesting to hear what people’s experience with it is, I find that the slicers are the limiting factors in my printing quality. I can almost always tune slicer parameters to get better (or even working) prints, but a good slicer would understand many more limitations and handle those for me.

well, TBH, i think it is still very raw. for a paid and “high end” slicer, i would expect simple performance kinks to be ironed out and it should really be focusing on multi-material prints and more advanced topics (other than support structures) … like print continuation after a error etc …