Has anyone tried laser paper for ceramics engraving?

I stumbled upon this:

Automatic translation below:
Name: Laser paper
Model: A85706

Material: Paper
Color: black/grey/blue/green/brown/blue green/navy blue/green
Size: 39 cm * 27 cm

Characteristic: excellent adhesion, bright color, graphic clarity

Principle of operation:
The laser acts on the ceramic coated laser paper,
And through the thermal effect, the color penetrates the laser mark,
So that the ceramic brand that is originally the natural color changes in color
Ceramic laser paper, so that the mark on the ceramic is more obvious, clear and beautiful.
Easy to identify. Suitable for manufacturers of ceramic sanitaryware series.

The ceramic colored paper is now cut to the size of the mark and then soaked in water.
Then the ceramic colored paper is soaked and soaked, and peel off the colored paper.
On the color, and stick it on the ceramic surface that needs laser marking.
After all the laser colored paper is dried or the fan is dried,
Remember that there must be no dry bubbles, then mark it with a fiber laser marking machine to color.

Please note:Do not etch the colored paper on the front side, otherwise the colored paper will stick together, causing the back side to be used.

–> I’d like some information on how to use it and if it can “engrave” stone?


I haven’t - but unless it’s a bad translation - it says “mark it with a fiber laser”.

Interesting though - coloured ceramics would be good !

Interesting. I agree with @Jammy, It’s unclear what laser energy this works with other than it mentions a fiber laser.