Has anyone taken a look at this?

Has anyone taken a look at this? Looks very familiar;)
Just wondering if anyone has done speeds like they are talking?

Is there any advantage to having the z axis done this way? I only saw one motor so I doubt they have it setup for bed levelling via 4 lead screws.


This has been discussed in other communities. It’s not worth the time or the money. Vaporware.

Three screws is best, and two rods. Three points establish a plane, two points establish a line. Anything more is just unneeded constraints.

I have done 300mm/s on a huge prototype foundry pattern on infill. But for outside surfaces these speeds are unsatisfactory IMHO. Also I wonder what their proprietary high pressure extruder is, my guess is a knockoff BondTech like this is a knockoff Ultimaker. But I may be wrong, time will tell.

@Dat_Chu I’m sure it’s not vaporware, they only needed enough to build something like 5-10 machines.

I’d still question exclusively using lead screws as Z linear motion guides, as you will get all the Z-wobble artifacts in your prints if your Z screws aren’t perfectly straight