Has anyone spent anytime working with Polycarbonate?

Has anyone spent anytime working with Polycarbonate? Im mostly interested in bed prep and temps that work well for you. I am printing some parts for a laser cutter and abs is OK but I feel like they would do better in PC. I have lots of it and have done little things like frogs with success but never anything big.

Im using an e3d v5 nozzle and a silicone bed so I can get pretty hot. The most Ive pushed the bed is 125 but I bet I could pull 135 if it helped.




Thanks! I guess another question could be, does anyone have any recommendations for filament with pretty extreme layer adhesion and rigidity. I have Bridge, but I don’t think this is a good application for it as it has some give.

@Joe_Spanier Please contact me via our site as I now have samples of something…completely new and extreme but easy to print…Print temp = 270, Tg = 110C+, ~5900PSI tensile… Clear, 90% Trans, Bed= 98C, zero delam.

Deal @Tom_Martz