Has anyone seen an ESP based module that replaces a standard mains wall switch?

Has anyone seen an ESP based module that replaces a standard mains wall switch? I’m looking for something miniaturized, not a huge brick like the Sonoff, something that fits inside the wall switch box.

Leviton makes computerized wall switches with all sorts of features, that fit into a standard switch box… but they’ve obviously spent a lot on R&D. How hard would it be to achieve the same with an ESP?

I’m curious to see how Leviton is getting the low voltage to power their electronics - that seems to be the biggest component of a diy module. Not curious enough to spend $50 on a switch I’m going to bust open.

Need to steal power as a switch is in series… these fancy switches might not work with LED lights as there might now be the ability to have some current flow… as a filament bulb can have a fair amount before you see it on… if you try with some LED bulbs they will glow fairly bright and annoy people that think they turned them off :slight_smile:

That could be a problem if only the hot line is available in the box., The few I want to retrofit have both hot and neutral (and ground) present, but only hot is switched.

Yep, they place the switch inline and “steal” power… http://www.laureanno.com/x10-6.html switches steal power, lamp modules get their power much easier…

Yeah basically would be awesome to find esp-main switch, esp equivalent of those rf socket switches and esp led bulbs. :slight_smile:

Would love to design one but the CSA/UL approvals and tooling for a complex case would be very expensive!

Well sure, any type of regulatory approval, and associated insurance would cost a fortune, though a hobbiest prototype doesn’t need such oversight.

I’m sticking with battery powered for now, however I wish the esp booted faster, it takes several seconds from reset until the network is available. It makes sleeping undesirable for a responsive switch.

Yep, 433 to wifi is what I am working on just now