Has anyone replaced the stock head with one that has an adjustable mirror.

Has anyone replaced the stock head with one that has an adjustable mirror.
If so what one did you use?

I haven’t done it yet but I got one of these hoping to replace the LO one i bought:

I’m thinking about this one but not sure how to set up for 38mm lens.

Cloudray CO2 Laser Head Dia 18mm FL 50.8mm for CO2 Laser Cutter DIY https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07K2X6F43/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_Rcm-BbDC5MPHJ

@Domm434 I emailed cloud ray and they recommended the unit that you bought.
Is that unit adjustable for using different FL lenses. I am still confused as to how you use different FL lenses in that unit.

it does have an adjustable tube on the bottom to change the distance but the lens mounts kinda within that section from what I discerned, or just above it. maybe they have different length tube pieces for the various cutting lens depths to compensate?

@Domm434 this is what cloudray reccomends:


Buy the head for 50.8mm and then get the nozzle for 38.1
Note: the mirror is 25 mm.
I haven’t checked if it will fit into the K40 yet!



@Domm434 I looked at the machine and dimensions of these tubes. I do not see any way they can fit, way to long. Moving toward designing my own.

good to know. I guess ill save mine for the one im building, albeit very slowly lol

Have you looked at the replacement head that Russ Sadler put on his?
You need an adjustable table for it to work but I just finished the upgrade on my k50 (China blue) machine and very happy with performance

@Nigel_Conroy Yes I am looking at it and may use it to model one for the K40. Did you find Rus’s plans I could not?

@donkjr I did contact Russ directly, but that was because I was buying the bracket from him. He sent me files and data sheets and has a tutorial for the build and install.
The files are uploaded on 3dpassion (link below)

I did have to make adjustments to the mirror position and edit the head in order to get perfect alignment with my machine. He said about 2 of them have not lined up perfectly. This is designed for the k50 so obviously would require modification for the K40.

I’ve only had mine installed for a few days but the performance improvements on cutting alone are awesome. 9mm/sec on 1/4 mdf to now cutting at 13-14mm/sec at the same power.


@Nigel_Conroy thanks for this info it will be much help me get moving on this.
Was the increase in performance from just the need head or did you change the lens’s?
What lens configuration are you using?

Again thanks…

The performance increase on the cutting was the ability to have the focal distance of a 2in lens 4mm from surface. Forcing the air assist into the kerf. Also got the cutting nozzle with a small bore in the end, again forcing air into kerf and therefore smoke out of it.

@Nigel_Conroy ah, got it thanks.