Has anyone measured the optimal amount of force between the filament and hobbled bolt? it'll be dependent on the bolt,

Has anyone measured the optimal amount of force between the filament and hobbled bolt? it’ll be dependent on the bolt, but there must be some sort of ballpark figure.

…and dependent on the filament diameter, the idler, the hotend, the temperature, the material, and its viscosity…

Find your optimum extrusion speed, then turn your stepper driver pot down until it skips, back off, measure the vRef, & back out the amps, then the torque, and then the force.

sorry wrong vector, I was meaning for the idler.

Nophead did lots of research on extruder teeth & pressure: http://hydraraptor.blogspot.com/search/label/pinch%20wheel note the “tightening the screws past the point where the splines are fully sunk into the filament does not increase grip, it just flattens the plastic more and needs more torque.”

Did @nop_head ever get around to that worm gear idea? Looks interesting.

Oh, I hadn’t looked closely enough at the link at the bottom of the first blog post. I thought by worm wheel he meant a cylinder with a spiral, so it was basically an auger for filament. Still an interesting post though, thanks.

some interesting stuff there.
I just saw in another post of his while browsing this that he’d tried PLA in Limonene, which I had as an idea floating around in the back of my head to try, but it appears that it doesn’t dissolve pla. /me crosses that off the list