Has anyone looked into the ADC issues with the ESP32?

(Tommy Sciano) #1

Has anyone looked into the ADC issues with the ESP32? I am trying to run the MSGEQ7 from the esp32 but it has issues with ADC.

Has anyone worked with the ESP32 ADC’s and calibrated them?

(Jeremy Spencer) #2

@Tommy_Sciano , I don’t think you want to use the ADC with the MSGEQ7. I’ve used them together and tried the ADC, but then went back to just reading the input and doing any smoothing in the code. The ADC had unexpected results, probably due to the smoothing / averaging thing it does

(Tommy Sciano) #3

@Jeremy_Spencer you might be right. I might have to buy an external ADC to test, do you know of any other methods like using an msgeq7 that would work for the esp32?

(Jeremy Spencer) #4

You don’t need an ADC, just connect the pins as you would to any other controller

(Tommy Sciano) #5

i mean analogread(pin) the msgeq7 out.
How am i supposed to get data from the msgeq7 on the esp32 without analogread()?

Do you have any example code you could post?

(Jeremy Spencer) #6

@Tommy_Sciano I did have a sketch working, but I changed to FFT so stopped using it. I’ll try and find the MSGEQ7 sketch it must be somewhere…

(Jeremy Spencer) #7

@Tommy_Sciano We have analogread(), it’s analogwrite() that’s missing from the ESP32 core :wink:

(Juergen Bruegl) #8

does this help?

(Tommy Sciano) #9

I have looked through those forums, I have it getting readings it’s just not completely accurate.

(Jeremy Spencer) #10

@Tommy_Sciano I had to add an inline capacitor from the microphone with both the MSGEQ7 and straight FFT. What audio source are you using?

(Tommy Sciano) #11

it gives readings on an esp8266 and an arduino uno fine. but the esp32 has noise.

(Tommy Sciano) #12