Has anyone here used Cura with a non-Ultimaker machine?

Has anyone here used Cura with a non-Ultimaker machine? I’m trying to figure out what my best toolchain will be for my Printrbot Jr. Right now I’m using Slic3r to generate and export GCode, then sending the GCode to the Jr with Pronterface. I’d really like to have everything contained within one program, so I’m also looking at Repetier Host, as it seems like everything is also self-contained. Thanks!

I use Cura with my Bukobot when I want to print single-wall vases and such. The Joris mode is really nice, but for normal printing I still prefer Slic3r.

Yeah, the Joris mode does look really nice! It just seems like a much user-friendlier solution overall.

Slic3r and Repetier-Host on my printrbot

Btw, I’ve never used Cura to print, only to slice. When it’s time to print, I use Repetier Host if I’m printing over USB, and pronterface if I’m printing from SD card.

@Whosa_whatsis , why not just use Cura to print too?

I tried once, and it didn’t work. Didn’t bother to figure out what I was doing wrong.

Oh, ok.

I didn’t think that was possible with the newest version of slic3r.

@Jeff_Karpinski even better is RepetierHost - 1 interface, and the added ability to have 3D realtime gcode view, actual rotation on x/y/z all within the same program.

I’m going to use RepetierHost in the future, after playing around with things I think I’m going to get my settings dialed in as nicely as I can using Slic3r and Pronterface and then bring those settings over to RepetierHost. I can’t really explain why I’m more comfortable doing it that way, I just am.

RepetierHost uses slic3r…

I knoooow! Like I said, I can’t explain why.