Has anyone here made their own nop head Mendel90?

Has anyone here made their own @nop_head Mendel90? I’m impressed by the design and the git repo.

I’ve started to tweak the “sturdy” design to my liking. Instead of T5, I’ll use T2.5. And instead of 12mm MDF, I’ll use 18mm.

Does anyone have macro level comments about this design that I can use to tweak it more?

I’m waiting for mine to arrive this week but the decision on this one was as yours, the design, and docs are well done and appear complete. New at this but I will certainly report on it ! They have been very patient with me and my noob questions and prompt replies to other queries.

I’ve built two, and the 90 is usually the design i recommend.
My first one was just a quick test with the parts from my Prusa - it had 350x225x200mm travel in xyz, used 8mm rods, 6mm MDF and T5 belts.
It worked so well that i decided to make another one with a 450x225x220 build envelope, 12mm rods (the scad makes a couple mistakes for that size), 18mm birch plywood and HTD-3M-15 belts. Just like any other printer, the original parts will work well enough, but for optimum performance, you’ll want to redesign a couple spots. What makes it special is the clean design - the two rear buttresses that provide a nice spot to mount electronics. It’s also fairly simple to build - once you have the sheets drilled, everything “snaps” into place, no adjustment needed.
Oh, and if you use wood, paint it to keep the wood’s moisture constant, this will keep it from bending and moving.

I just finished building mine this past Saturday - and have been amazed at the quality from the get-go. Having set up a few other printers, I was amazed how easy the design made the initial calibration (bed leveling and z-offset). I prefer to print in ABS, so the fan doesn’t seem to help much (usually just makes a print come unstuck, so I removed it.) Next project is enclosing it for a semi heated-bed area.
I bought the kit from nophead, which came with T2.5 belts I believe. I’m running the printer from PrinterWebUI, and still tweaking my slic3er settings.