Has anyone here ever tried initiating a kickstarter project?

Has anyone here ever tried initiating a kickstarter project? If you have any experience with it, what is your impression/counsel? I’m wary of doing something like that, but if it would legitimately help fund a business, I’d consider further research.

I think smoothie was a kickstarter they may have some advice.

@donkjr Thanks Don. I’m really kind of reluctant to do the Kickstarter thing, I think. If I had a clearer business model and time to research Kickstarter, I think I’d be more likely to pursue it. I am curious though.

It’s been a while since I browsed last, but from the outside kickstarter looks bloated, it’s filled with concept art ideas from people with no grasp of production cost, profit and a sustainable business model. So many projects goes bust without delivering, not to mention those who do that on purpose.
If you have a finished product with production line set up, I would consider it as a sort of pre order system.

@Peter_Hertel I have come to view crowd funding the same. The few I have bought into have delivered very late and mostly crap products. As you suggest many have a novice view of what is needed to deliver a whole product including, full testing, environmental’s, standards, compliance, manufacture-ability etc.