Has anyone had the problem with printing with PLA that sticks too well to

Has anyone had the problem with printing with PLA that sticks too well to the blue tape? I have tried various nozzle first layer heights. It either sticks too much or it doesn’t stick at all… O.o

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After applying blue tape, clean with rubbing alcohol, rough up with fine grit sand paper, print. Pla will stick really good… I mean really good. It’s just a pain that comes with pla it sticks really good if done right.

Let it cool, after take a butter knife, and slide it under the part. This should get it up, just be patient.

If your printing abs use elmers extra strength glue stick. Heat bed and apply a layer, helps abs stick I don’t have warped parts anymore.

I have had pla stick so good I broke my build platform trying to get it off… I don’t print with it any more.

Also try the glue stick method with just the glass platform and the pla see if that works. If you’re worried about the blue tape coming off with the part

I think the right way to deal with it is to use heated bed with carbon fibre surface.

Ya right on the glass, no kapton or anything. It’s how I print everything now.

I warm the bed up to about 100c then apply the glue stick it will glide smoothly. Let it cool down a tad. Then start your print. If you get a thick enough layer you don’t have to re glue often I think the last time I re glued my bed was two weeks ago. If you look at my dremal mount post you will see the glue stick layer on my heated bed.

Well at least the corner of it, I don’t print there much so there is not much glue there.

I print pla on glass wiped with diluted pva. I warm the bed to 40C to improve bonding a bit, but mainly because, after the print, when the glass has cooled 5 degrees or so, the part just pops off by itself or by light hand force. The pva works a handful of prints. Minimal maintenance.

I print on carbon - needs higher temps, like 60 for PLA and 100 for ABS, compared to 55/90 I used with glass, but it holds quite good, releases by itself when cool and needs no bonding agent - no pva, no blue tape, no abs juice anymore just keep it clean.

I’ve started to use kids PVA. You just dilute it and paint it on, turn the bed heater on (if you have one) and wait for it to go to a mist (doesn’t take long) and print. Works great every time. When it runs out of stick just wet it again and its sticky again :slight_smile: After a few prints wipe it off with a wet cloth and start again.

Try letting it cool longer, the only real solution is to get a heated bed, but letting it cool helps a lot.

I had the same problem. I have experimented with different blue tapes. For me blue tape from Scotch 3M gave the best results. This product does not leave any blue tape on the printed object. I don’t use a heated bed, no alcohol and no sandpaper, just blue tape. Some results:

I print PLA on a glass surface that I whipe with some vinegar, works like a charm! It sticks really well and when it comes to remove the part i just remove the glass and cool it down by placing it outside the window(it is cold outside).

I use the same technique without the need to remove the glass plate. The secret for this is getting the Z=0 setting accurate. When this is done parts will lift off the glass with a little pull or twisting motion after they have cooled.

I am using hair spray over glass.
It is perfect and with a 3 euro can you can print for months without problem

I had the same issue with the Blue Hawk painters tape from Lowes. I switched over to 3M and I wipe the surface with Isopropyl Alcohol and it seem to work pretty good.

I had the same problem and switched to the blue 3M 3434 Tape. Now it is perfect.

Just wanted to mention that PVA can mean two (or more) things. One is polyvinyl alcohol which is a water soluble plastic typically used as a film release agent. The other is Polyvinyl acetate which is what is in wood glue. When people refer to PVA in the context of 3D printing they are most likely talking about the latter.

@Vaclav_Hula Where did you get your carbon fiber bed?

@Shane_Graber ebay. But for europeans I recommend buying from reprapsource, he has the right one, mine is too glossy and I had bit trouble finding the right settings.

@Vaclav_Hula What did you have to do to get it to work?

use kapton, not blue tape

I’ve had no problem with 3M blue painters tape. Cheaper/alternative tape may give problems.