Has anyone had a Kollmorgen stepper drive lock on them?

(Greg Bristow) #1

Has anyone had a Kollmorgen stepper drive lock on them? I sent 2 back and they made them work, but charged me because nothing was wrong with them? I just nee to got back on line sooner then the turn around time to have them just turn them back on.

(Anthony Bolgar) #2

What do you mean by “locked”?

(Greg Bristow) #3

If these drives see an interruption of any kind, they turn off internally to protect themselves. like a short or miss connection. in the manual for them its called “the fault protection latch”" " in the trouble shooter it says"solid red light , step mode only:drive is disabled, no power to the motor" If i send them back to Koll… they release this latch and test . then claim there is nothing wrong, because there is nothing wrong. but they charge for the testing and their time. there is a passage in the manual that says “cycling the disable in, clears the fault protection LATCH”. apply 5 vdc to the disable in, pin. but i have had no luck with this process and am not eager to dump voltage into the thing until it smokes. I was hoping someone would have also experienced this and could help? thanks for asking, if you have any help, it would save me both $ and weeks of turn around time.

(Beau H) #4

I would expect that an industrial drive like that would either expect to see 0v or 24v on the input for the disable. It should say in the manual somewhere what the input expects and how it operates, if you are not currently using it I expect it disables the drive only when it sees the correct type of input. The reset process may require a specific sequence or timing of the input to reset and unlock the drive.