has anyone given any thought to whether panellising within chilipeppr is (easily) achievable and

has anyone given any thought to whether panellising within chilipeppr is (easily) achievable and desirable?

Pannelising in eagle is a headache. in CP it seems to be able an easier thing as once the rendering is done once, it is then just a case of cloning the tool paths and translating them across the x or y axis (assuming linear panels).

Just an idle thought.

I just needed it last weekend and was thinking the same thing. If you look how Fusion 360 does it, they call it a Pattern and you can choose rectangular or circular. Rectangular is easiest. Then you tell it how many on X and the offset and how many on Y and the offset. It would be super cool to do this.

The trick would be shifting the XY values and regenerating the Gcode. The 3D viewer does already parse everything and has a XYZ for every line figured out even if the Gcode didn’t have that in it. Easiest might be to just iterate thru the 3D viewer data.

I’ve been thinking about the same lately, last night I designed a simple board and I made multiple copies within same .brd file, after the update I made yesterday to Eagle BRD widget, the boards rendered fine except one issue in the ground polygon.
I think it’s much easier to do the panelizing within the widget as John suggested.
I believe the best approach is create multiple copies of gcode in a pattern without altering the 3d viewer, at the end we care about the gcode.

Here is a screenshot of the board I’m talking about.
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I just completed support for Panelizing done from Eagle, i.e. .brd file with multiple copies of same design or even multiple different designs.
Hopefully in the near future we will have similar feature available from the widget.
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This looks excellent. Bravo again!

Yes. Very cool!

Cool. Want to do a pull request? I think we should get this into production.

@jlauer There are some bugs that I want to fix before I make a pull request, I just added a note about one of them on github issue #16.

Which github repo @ameen.nihad ​? Would be interesting to learn from your code.

Eagle widget on github, you will find a fork under my account http://ameen.nihad