Has anyone experience with these RGBW led Stripes with WS2801 or LPD8806?

(Lars Walpurgis) #1

Has anyone experience with these RGBW led Stripes with WS2801 or LPD8806?

(Mark Kriegsman) #2

Looks from the picture like its regular WS2801 (which we support), but maybe alternating pixels are RGB, then W, then RGB, then W.

In that case, programming it would be a bit odd at first, but totally doable. Your code would have to account for the “odd pixels are RGB, even pixels are W” setup.

(Mark Kriegsman) #3

Oops- and to answer your question directly, no I do not have experience doing this with these strips.

(Lars Walpurgis) #4

Thanks for the answer @Mark_Kriegsman Is the divide of even an odd pixels with an function of fast led realisable? So that I can learn and use the exampels shown here. Or have I to recreate everything with this special adressing? Thanks for your help

(Mark Kriegsman) #5

Well, to just program the RGB leds, multiply every index by 2.

Other than that, it’s all your code.

(Mark Kriegsman) #6

The library doesn’t have high level RGBW support at all really, although it can drive those pixels (I bet).

(Marc Miller) #7

I’m curious, how are RGBW strips wired? For example, with a WS2801 controller chip, would every forth chip control three individual white LEDs with it’s R,G,B outputs? Maybe like: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1DBHDKW1M8ua3JwZEhqZWJGSmc/view

Seems a bit complicated for wiring and coding, even more so if the LPD8806 chip was used. Or are RGBW strips using something completely different?

(Mark Kriegsman) #8

I’m just speculating that it might be
or maybe

(Marc Miller) #9

Ah that would make much more sense, both for simplicity of wiring and coding. My brain was trying not to waste precious controller chip resources. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Lars Walpurgis) #10

Yes they are rgb www rgb www… I’m will get them with apa 102 included in warm white led and rgb led. This will be awesome I think

(Mark Kriegsman) #11

I’d be interested in trying out some of those! I’ll see if I can find a way to get some myself.

(Marc Miller) #12

Yes, yes. Please share if you find APA102 RBGW strips. I’m interested too.
Also, I just sent a message to Ray wu asking if he has thought about making an APA102 RGBW strip.

(Lars Walpurgis) #13

I wrote with Lauren (lauren@szlcoe.com) from shenzen LED color. in their poducts they offer are warm white APA 102 LEDs and APA102 RGB LEDs so I thought they could mix it and this is possible. You can’t find the stripe in their offer on the website ( http://www.szledcolor.com/product.asp?sid=188&i=1&j=14 ) but if you make an inquiry you will get it too :slight_smile:

(Marc Miller) #14

Oooh interesting. Thank you Lars.

(Tan Linda) #15

http://www.sfleds.com, it’s a factory and produce large quantity apa102 RGBW strips, very good quality and price.