has anyone ever used Gecko 201x drives or something similar with the tinyg?

has anyone ever used Gecko 201x drives or something similar with the tinyg? I have some and would like to use them for a larger machine.

Don’t do it! Garbage…fried brand new board with the unsupported step and direction pins. At this point not sure if chilipeppr supports more than 4 axis anyways without some modification.

Well I could send them back. What recommendations do you have if you want to use larger motors? THe current draw on the board become too much. I really like the tinyg/chillipeppr setup and would like to have to to leave it

How big u talking?

Nema 34 motors. Need 6 amps

I’m running 600 oz nema 23 motors from modelshopcnc with a gecko 540 and 24 volt power supply. I get about 25 lbs of force at about 50ipm with cheap lead screws. Motors get hot when holding one position for a long period, so no reason for 48 volts. G540 is very close to TinyG in max amps per winding. Motion is smoother on TinyG but have had challenges tuning. No more need for windows xp or parallel port, but now I’m forced to learn new cad and cam software. 2 d design you cant beat Autocad, so easy an fast to draw and dxf files have exact point data. Versatility in regards to feedrates and repositioning probes and apps is more extensive with mach3. Mach is much more like a real machining center;Often I need to jog small calculated increments. I think Lauer is working on it though. Certain vers. Of mach 3 can be buggy…so read up on it. I’m mostly machine harwoods, and and a little alumni now and then. Hope that helps.

I like Chilipeppr but need more power. I’m a EE by trade so the wiring and compiling isn’t a problem. I just want to know if the tinyg could provide the signals needed to use a gecko drive.

I just commented over at tinyG Forum

I didnt see the message on the tinyG community but i have got my tinyG supporting the clearpath servos and they seem to be much stronger than a normal stepper. Took some small wiring to get it working (Had to invert / level shift the enable wire) but works fine now.

@Davey_Rance https://www.synthetos.com/topics/gecko-201x-drives/

Tiny g only supports like 2.5 amps per winding. You will likely need more voltage to get optimum performance from your nema 34. My motors are at about half there there maximum amperage draw and they get hot just sitting energized or short repetitive movements.

Looking at the specs I also need at least 3uS pulse width. Can I modify the firmware to accomplish this?

Step pulse width? I believe tinyG step is now in the 5-10us range

If that’s the case I may try using the gecko drives

Can you confirm this?

@Bill_Dussault https://github.com/synthetos/TinyG/issues/61