Has anyone ever made a bubble wall?

(Mike Thornbury) #1

Has anyone ever made a bubble wall?

I am thinking of making something spectacular :slight_smile:

(Marc Miller) #2

I already like the sound of this, but what is a bubble wall?

(Mike Thornbury) #3
(Mark Kriegsman) #4

Holy hydraulics! That’s great looking.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the overwhelming bulk of the work here is fabrication of the tanks themselves. I wonder how thick they are-- and how much that all water weighs!

(Janine Mccullough) #5

Looks awesome

(Janine Mccullough) #6

Looks awesome

(Janine Mccullough) #7

Looks awesome

(Marc Miller) #8

Oh wow that’s pretty great! Funny, I almost immediately thought, I wonder if this could be made into an infinity mirror also?

(Mike Thornbury) #9

@Mark_Kriegsman it’s actually not that bad. The gap between the panels is around 15mm, so for a 300mm x 2400mm panel that works out to just over 10L, so 10kg weight. Which means you can use relatively light plexi - 4mm is fine.

The panels are welded, not glued, and after 24 or so hours are as strong as if they were cast.

I am quite far along in the planning, have just submitted a request for material quotes and worked out a circuit to control the solenoids for the air, as well as sourcing 5V Gas solenoids (from blood pressure/dialysis machines… Super cheap, for medical components) and ordering a shed load of transistors, diodes, caps and the like.

I would love it to be ready for Xmas, but I doubt it. Still got to fettle my 2.4m cnc router which I need for making the hardwood plinth, etc.

(Mark Kriegsman) #10

Sounds fantastic! Post pix as you go!

(Mike Thornbury) #11

@marmil if it was going to be mounted up against a wall, I don’t see why not, but most of them seem to be installed for “through” viewing, as partitions or art installations.

Even here in the ridiculously expensive 3rd world, I can put a 600x2400 panel together for about US$350, so you could probably do it for nearly half that in the US.