Has anyone else work with this material?

Has anyone else work with this material? Looks pretty cool.

There seems to be a lot of stringing which would indicate that you can’t really retract with this filament (I can see why when it’s that flexible).

sadly i doubt this would work in a bowden extruder setup… awesome material though!!! would be interesting if there were one that printed normal and then became flexible upon exposure to chemicals / UV

Not only will it not work in a bowden setup, they also don’t sell it in 1.75mm; meaning you have to be using a 3mm standard extruder setup.

I’ve been eyeing this stuff as well, but can’t be bothered with 3mm filament any longer.

@ThantiK what’s so bad about 3mm?

Geared extruder required, increased amounts of back pressure, filament suppliers more likely to have crud in the filament (because “welding rod” commonly comes in 3mm; I’ve never heard of anyone having ball bearings in 1.75mm filament), increased difficulty extruding with tiny nozzles (I’ve experimented with 0.1 and 0.2mm nozzle sizes and 3mm is a bigger pain in the ass)

Dual extrusion with this and something sturdy? I’m really excited by the possibilities of different material properties in a single part.