Has anyone else seen this error?

Has anyone else seen this error? I got both Laser DRW and CorelDRAW with my laser (along with the orange dongle). Installed both and all seemed fine as far as the install process. However when I run CorelDRAW this is the error it comes back with. I asked the seller and you can guess the answer too I had to turn off virus protection as it did not like either (Laser DRW / CorelDRAW). Now LaserDRW does work, but CorelDRAW no. I have also tried it on different computers (laptop / Desktop) as well as both Windows 7 & XP. I also downloaded a version from the sellers web site and still the same…


You must have CorelDraw installed before you can install CorelLaser.

CorelLaser is just a plugin for CorelDraw.

Sean…this message appears with coreldraw too…need make default installation if remove some componenet receive this error.

I’ve never had this issue, so idk much about that.

Sean makes sense, however does CorelDraw come with it or do you buy it extra (its expensive I know). I also Googled the error with no luck, however again think your correct that it is looking to launch CorelDraw and its not there… Hmmm another reason to give it a new brain :slight_smile:

  1. Uninstall all CorelDraw and LaserDrw items.
  2. Install CorelDraw (12 came with your machine most likely but X5, X6 etc work ok). Close CorelDraw and make sure it’s not running.
  3. Install Corel Laser it will know CorelDraw is on your computer and install the plugin.
  4. Install LaserDrw
  5. Open LaserDrw and make sure the correct machine model is selected in the configuration.
  6. Close LaserDrw, open Corel Laser (it will start CorelDraw with the plugin icons available on top right) Check the configuration icon (up by the cut and engrave icons) again from CorelDraw to set the correct machine model again.
  7. Do your designs, importing and cutting/engraving by starting Corel Laser, it willload Corel Draw. Not by starting/using the CorelDraw icon. It will not load the plugin.

Also you may get errors or failure to load the program if you try to open LaserDrw and Corel Laser at the same time.

It comes as a separate installation file. Mine came with CorelDraw 12. Install that first, then install CorelLaser.

Thanks Marc & Sean will give a try after dinner today and let you guys know…

No go on this one, I simply do have Corel Draw in any of the files from the seller only the plugin :frowning:

My CorelDraw install files were corrupt when reading from CD so i downloaded the official free CorelDraw 12 ISO from here :

I put together everything of importance from the CD, and organized it to be easier to read and navigate. You can download it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/86ib5q5i9jvk4xs/Laser%20Cutter%20-%20Easy.zip?dl=0

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Nice one Sean that’s handy :slight_smile:

I made that a while ago lol, it’s been posted a few times, but keeps getting lost in the shuffle.

Ye the communites interface needs threads.

Many thanks! Just downloaded it!

Installed this and didn’t have to uninstall the plugin! All works fine now, many thanks!

Just got my K40 yesterday and am having the same issues. Downloaded the Dropbox files and when I click on “CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 12” I get an error message saying “1. Failed to install ISKernel Files. Make sure you have appropriate priveledges on this machine”. Have tried this on 3 different laptops, Vista, Win 7, and Win 10. Help

Finally got the CoreDraw to download to my laptop! What a pain. Used the Dropbox files further up in this thread. Downloaded then UnZip’d, clicked on Setup and away it went!

@Sean_Cherven i don’t suppose you could repost this link to dropbox? cause when i click on this one it says link not found and im desperately trying to fix my corellaser software glitch.

I’ll try message him privately, see if he can react and update the link