Has anyone else noticed that in Cura slicer that some machines don't allow you

Has anyone else noticed that in Cura slicer that some machines don’t allow you to move objects around on the build plate. I think its related to the graphics card or driver. as I had a laptop with a ATI graphics card that got damaged and I swapped the HDD to a laptop with Intel graphics. I could move objects before and not it wont allow me. I have a couple of other machine with Intel graphics and they all seem to have the problem

I have noticed that but i never continued to use Cura enough to investigate it.

Reading the forums it is a known bug. Some have stated to ensure your video driver is correct (CURA has issues with some video drivers). My issue is that I need CURA right now because Slic3r is doing funky things with my prints (squashing the first 5 layers). Printing a 20mm high cube with Silc3r results in a 18.5mm cube height, vs CURA which gives me a 20mm cube height.

I own a It company so additional PC’s aren’t a big problem. Thinking along the Intel graphics line put it on a machine with Nvidia graphics but it does the same. So that’s not it. What Cura does for me is split a stl into parts. means I can design a assembly and get Cura to split it but now I cant arrange it as I want, it a rather significant challenge.

Mike, from reading the forums, the issue is in HOW Cura detects what part you are on. Supposedly the algorithm works by detecting where your mouse pointer is in relation to the part. This doesn’t seem to be working, and therefore the only part you can move is the one that is “active”. Many have speculated that the issue is video drivers, but I’m more inclined to believe it is a bug in the detection software.

It has to be either a driver or hardware issue. I took a hdd from a laptop it was working on and stuck it in another one after it installed all the drivers for new hw etc. Then started cura and its now not working. Unfortunately the old laptop is toast so cant revert to see if it will work again. Might put another hdd in the same laptop clean windows install and see if it works. That would narrow it to a driver issue. It may be that because the software is installed before the drivers it doesn’t add a required library. I am suspicious of python being a possible cause.