Has anyone did the mod to there simple?

Has anyone did the mod to there simple?

Originally shared by John Car

Seems like quite a bit of work, if I wanted an E3D that bad I’d probably just get a cheap i3 kit and mount it on there.

I’ve personally upgraded my PrintrBot to the Ubis 13S hotend and have had excellent results.

I did it last August. Level of details grows visible, also the quality of prints is better. Yes, there is some work and I customized the firmware. (I use some other printer now for tests, but Printrbot is still under the roof.)

I’ve used the new ubis 13 derivative (mine was a prerelease) and it was spectacular. Really can’t complain about the original ubis aside from heating temps, but this is quite the work for a hotend that is only questionably better than the 13s.

I’ve directly attached an E3D Volcano with a 0.6mm nozzle and it has been fantastic; larger nozzle diameter also makes printing significantly faster

I just ordered the E3d v6 going to give it a shot.

@John_Car I have a v6 sitting next to my ubis13s, haven’t taken the installation plunge yet. Thanks for sharing guide though.