Has anyone connected a laser diode to a smoothieboard, and if so,

Has anyone connected a laser diode to a smoothieboard, and if so, could you share your setup with me?

What specifically do you want to know?

My laser diode only has a 12V input. No other connections to it. Do I just connect this to the mosfet on the smoothieboard?

We have not examined the output from the mosfet with respect to directly driving a laser diode.
We use the PWM signal from port 2.5 to control our laser driver circuitry.

Does your laser driver use PWM to control the diode?

That is what I am unsure of, all I have is 12V + and - inputs.

that means it is probably just an on/off, and you may not be able to use PWM to control it. The PWM usually goes to pins labelled TTL. on the driver.

I don´t use smothie but arduino with grbl. My laser diode driver also only has 12V input. The problem with this is, that the air blower on the diode is conntced to the driver and doesn´t get enough power to cool the diode when using PWM. So you should at least connect the blower to direct 12V. Thats how I operate it.
The diode driver is somehow working when powered with pwm, but it is not made for it. You could possibly blow your diode or driver.

I use the large FET to drive my 5 watt laser diode but I first power it with a buck boost programmable power supply that can regulate the voltage and current. If you let the laser diode have to much current, your risk a short laser diode lifespan.