Has anybody here ever written a function,

Has anybody here ever written a function, that allows to map a (small) buffer grid onto the screenbuffer with adjustable zoom factor and rotation angle? While I observed clouds in the sky today I got an idea for a model for fast 3D appearing effects on 2D devices using many layers and good merging algorythms… P.S. Is it that what people call texture mapping?

You mean like this scaling/rotating grid class I posted a couple weeks ago? https://gist.github.com/focalintent/5f97216341278976e749 :slight_smile:

(I have a newer version that should be faster/allow rotating around an arbitrary point - I hope to get it cleaned up and posted soon)

Will the grid class be added to the 2.1?

Unlikely to become an actual part of the library - it might end up in one of the examples, but it falls into a class of code outside of what I want to take on responsibility for maintaining/developing right now outside of how I use it in my own projects. (Vs. FastLED which has a lot of considerations in it that fall far outside of the realm of what I personally use)