Has anybody already watched this?

Has anybody already watched this? (I have to wait until I get home before I can).

From: http://blog.netfabb.com/?bid=134

“On the Digital Life Design Conference in Munich in January, there has been a panel discussion about the present and future of 3D Printing. Erik de Bruijn from Ultimaking, Peter Weijmarshausen from Shapeways, Ingo Ederer from Voxeljet and Pablo Holman from the Intellectual Ventures Lab are talking about the disruptive impact of additive technologies in our future life.”

What caught my interest is the involvement of “Intellectual Ventures Lab” - part of the infamous patent troll outfit Intellectual Ventures. My immediate reaction was “Eurgh!”, but I’ll hold off on further comment until I watch the video.

I’d be interested to hear what @Erik_de_Bruijn has to say about it.

I wonder why they had a patent troll (Intellectusl Ventures) on that panel.

I’m now watching it and it’s reasonably interesting so far. It seems Pablo, from Intellectual Ventures Labs, is an advisor for Makerbot. He talks about the possibilities of 3D printing and food (point in video here: http://goo.gl/QCy68) and seems genuinely excited about the future. But his relationship with IV makes me very wary- stemming from both their dubious business model, and the fact that Nathan Myhrvold, the CEO of IV, was recently awarded a patent on DRM for preventing 3D printing of “unauthorised” objects.