Harry Potter Leather Bookmark

My sister-in-law commissioned me to make a Harry Potter inspired bookmark for her friend’s birthday. Friends favorite color is purple. Was a bit last minute so I didn’t have time to order anything, especially with the current shipping lag still going on a bit. Managed to find some 1.5" wide suede leather strap and some purple soft fabric ink at the craft store.

Cut a template/ position jig from 1/8" ply and used the cut out portion as a template to cut the rounded corners in a 5" long piece of strap with a sharp exacto knife.

Painted the ink onto both sides of the piece of leather and let dry overnight. Heat set the ink with a hot iron and a press cloth. Seems to be fairly color fast after that.

Masked the piece of leather with transfer tape masking and cut the eyes and engraved both sides.

First time doing leather and I’m pretty happy with the result.