Hardware recommendation


Sorry for the lame question but having a hard time to get a full understanding of hardware that I should buy,

What laser kit/setup would you get that works great with laserweb that can engrave on Metal 316L as low as 0.1mm? I can only see recommendation on controller firmware on github.

I am looking for the most stable one out of the four bellow, both from a software but also physical. Any experience on something that is implemented in a heavy used environment?

Big thanks!

Here are three resources to help you get started:

K40 Laser: Getting Started

For the controller board, there is a list of supported boards on the github releases page of grbl-LPC:

I would suggest an original Smoothieboard or a Cohesion3d Remix (both 32bit LPC1769). ATmega328 and ATmega2560 are too slow for engraving. ESP32 is somewhare in between.

HINT: Grbl-LPC doesn’t support external lc displays.